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¿Who we are and What we do?

For 10 years, Confecciones Mukura has supported entire manufacturing process of swimwear brands in Colombia, USA and the Caribbean.

Since 2015, looking at the growing trends in health and fitness, Mukura Manufacturing has implemented new production lines focused on making sportswear. As a strategic manufacturing partner, we support a large number of brands that have adopted the fitness category as a complement to their existing line of swimwear.

Our swimwear and sportswear factory is located in Bogotá (Colombia) and from there we have served dozens of brands not only in Colombia but also in Mexico, Spain, the United States, and the Caribbean.

¿Why Work With Us?

Your brand is your loved project, your dream, your image! Why leave the production of swimwear or sportswear garments of your brand in inexperienced hands?

Mukura Manufacturing is not only backed by 10 years of experience, we are a sportswear and swimwear factory in Colombia with specialized production lines, knowledgable team, processes, equipment, and supplies according to this type of garments.

We also understand that you might be at an early stage of your project, where simplicity, honest and professional advice and flexibility in your production will make it easier for you to achieve your goals.

Our Value Proposition

¡We Show Our Passion In Your Brand!

At Mukura Manufacturing we focus on delivering the best quality and service for your swimwear and sportswear production while you focus on your brand engagement and sales.

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