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Considering the needs of our customers and looking at the growing trend in sports activities, Confecciones Mukura restructured its factory to have production lines specialized in manufacturing sportswear or fitness clothing.

Smart and HI-Performance Fabrics

Just as we do in swimwear manufacturing, Confecciones Mukura uses smart, high-performance textiles for sportswear manufacturing.

For a good performance and comfort of the athlete, it is key that their clothing has technologies such as:

    • Moisture Control (Dry Fit®).
    • High compression (Suplex®, Lycra®).
    • High color fastness to sun and sweat effects.
    • Sunscreen, among others.

If you want to know more about our services and learn about smart textiles, please use our contact us form.

What's so unique about a design shared among several sportswear brands and where its only difference is the label? NOTHING! Confecciones Mukura has a design service, development of molds and prints that will ONLY be used by your brand.

¡That's Unique!

Sportswear Manufacturing Process

As in our swimwear manufacturing process, our sportswear manufacturing process focuses on:

  • 1. Design
  • 2. Manufacturing
  • 3. Quality Control
  • Ideation and brand development.
  • Moulds and Patterns development.
  • Selection of smart textiles and supplies according to the type of sportswear to be manufactured.
  • Prototyping (sample)
  • Size and fit adjustments.
  • Sizing scale development.
  • Production.
  • Revisions to measurements and fit are constantly checked.
  • Comprehensive production control.
  • Packaging and dispatch control.

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