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Swimwear Mukura Manufacturing Process

  • 1. Disign
  • 2. Production
  • 3. Quality Assurance

Our value proposition is: Exclusivity!; from patterns to prints that will be used in your swimwear. That's why we do not offer generic designs or out of the box styles to our clients,. We will co-create your collection with our designers because it is YOUR BRAND

After the creative process, we will move to choose textiles and trims, we carry out color tests for the collection of your brand and lastly, make a sample to check fit and measurements.

After sample approval, we will proceed with swimwear production.

Mukura Manufacturing guarantees that your designs and prints (your own or co-created with us) are for the EXCLUSIVE use of your brand.

At the end of the design stage, we will proceed to the scaling of sizes and, with the production of your collection.

Mukura Manufacturing offers low production minimums. Contact us for more details.


QA is not an isolated stage of the swimwear manufacturing process. At Mukura Manufacturing, QA is a corporate value and we will carry it out from the moment we start working on your project. Together, we will review the designs and patterns thoroughly to minimize errors in production, during the production stage, we apply controls to different activities including their packaging and dispatch.

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